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Excellence in zamak hardware: Discover Jegan solutions

Excellence in zamak hardware: Discover Jegan solutions

In the world of industry and construction, hardware and fastenings play a fundamental role. These parts, which can be zamak hinges, handles, corner plates, lighting fixtures, keys, locks, zamak knobs and many others, are essential to ensure the proper functioning and durability of various products and structures. 

We will discuss the industrial fastening solutions offered by die cast zinc alloy manufacturer Jegan, highlighting the processes, engineering, finishes and applications of its products.

Zamak injection parts manufacturing processes and quality control

Jegan follows rigorous manufacturing and control processes to ensure the quality and durability of its hardware. Each part undergoes extensive testing, including salt spray testing, which simulates the atmospheric conditions to which it will be exposed once installed. These tests ensure that zinc die casting products will resist corrosion and have an adequate service life, even in harsh environments.

One of the key processes in the manufacture of the hardware is galvanizing. Through this process, a layer of another metal, such as zinc, is added to provide increased strength and protection against corrosion. Galvanizing is a technique widely used in industry to extend the life of metal products, and Jegan´s die cast zinc is a masterful application of this technique in the manufacture of its hardware.

Jegan: Injection moulding for zamak parts of fastenings

Engineering is fundamental to the development of high quality hardware. At Jegan, a precise engineering approach is employed to design and manufacture fastenings that meets the most exacting standards. From molding and zamak injection to surface preparation, meticulous processes are followed to ensure the precision and quality of each part.

Once manufactured, the zamak hardware undergoes various treatments to obtain the desired finishes. Thanks to zamak injection molding, we offer a wide range of options, such as chrome plating, zinc plating, electrolytic bath, painting and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). These treatments not only improve the aesthetics of the finish, but also provide additional protection against corrosion and other damaging agents.

Zinc die casting applications and customized solutions

Excellence in zamak hardware: Discover Jegan solutions

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Zinc die casting fastenings finds application in a wide variety of industries and products. From zamak door handles and windows to furniture and industrial equipment, Jegan´s fastenings plays an essential role in the operation and safety of many structures and products.

In addition, high pressure zinc die casting supplier Jegan offers customized solutions for coated zamak parts. These solutions include specialized surface treatments, such as zinc-nickel, passivated zinc coatings with or without sealing, and decorative finishes, such as chrome and paint. These treatments are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, providing corrosion protection and enhancing the aesthetics of the hardware.

Whether on doors, furniture, industrial equipment or other products, Jegan´s hardware such as zamak handle plays a crucial role in performance and safety, providing reliable and durable solutions.

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