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Zamak - zinc material: manufacturing and finishing on refrigerator parts

Zamak - zinc material: manufacturing and finishing on refrigerator parts

The Jegan company, located in Itziar-Deba, Basque Country, manufactures high-security zamak parts for refrigerator and household appliance finishes.

In the household appliance component sector, the manufacture of zamak parts is one of the most popular and versatile processes. 

The characteristics of zamak give it excellent wear resistance, so it lasts longer and does not require frequent replacement, which saves on disposal and processing.

In the image below, you can see the main advantages of this material. A piece made of chrome-plated or coated zamak, stands out among others, the tactile point of view as it is distinguished from the rest of the body resulting in a prominent and valuable element.

Zamak - zinc material: manufacturing and finishing on refrigerator parts

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Properties of Zamak

  • Strength: Zamak is a very strong material which makes it ideal for use in parts that need to withstand high stress or impact loads.

  • Malleability: The fact that it is a very malleable material allows manufacturers to mold it into a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit different product designs.

  • Durability and versatility: Zamak is also an environmentally friendly material. It is 100% recyclable, which means that manufacturers can reduce the environmental impact of their products by using zamak parts. This not only reduces waste, but also saves energy and resources by reducing the need to mine and process more zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper.

Zamak applications

In refrigerator manufacturing, zamak is used in a variety of components, from zamak handles to door and drawer hinges. These parts are crucial to the operation of the refrigerator, helping to keep it sealed and operational for years to come.

With the increasing demand for high quality and durable appliances, the application of Zamak in the manufacture of refrigerators and other appliances is on the rise. 

At Jegan, two of the most important parts in refrigerator manufacturing that can be made using Zamak casting are hinges and handles. Zamak hinges are capable of supporting the weight of refrigerator doors for years without warping or failure. In addition, zamak hinges are corrosion resistant, making them ideal for use in humid environments. On the other hand, zamak handles are also popular in refrigerator manufacturing due to their strength and durability. 

In short, zamak is a very important material in the manufacture of refrigerators and other household appliances. With its strength, malleability and environmental friendliness, it is an optimal choice for manufacturers looking to produce durable, high-quality products.