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Jegan cuenta con la máquina Frech DAW125 de fundición a presión

Jegan incorporates the Frech DAW125 machine into its facilities

Jegan takes another step forward in its investment policy by adding a new injection moulding cell to its production. In this case, it is a Frech DAW125 of the latest generation and all the accessories for a high-capacity automatic cell. This new addition marks the company's manufacturing capacity milestone and opens possibilities for its customers and business partners.

Frech DAW125, zinc die-casting

The new injection moulding cell, the Frech DAW125, is characterised by the following features: 

  • Advanced injection technology: the Frech DAW125 is equipped with state-of-the-art injection technology.
  • Process control: incorporates control systems that automatically monitor and adjust casting process parameters in real-time, optimising efficiency and minimising waste.
  • High speed: The Frech DAW125's design and advanced technology allow it to perform high-speed casting cycles without compromising the accuracy and quality of the parts produced.
  • Flexibility and versatility: This machine offers a wide range of set-up options and adjustments to suit different part types and production requirements, making it ideal for manufacturing complex and varied components.
  • Predictive maintenance: uses advanced monitoring systems that detect potential failures or maintenance needs before they occur, minimising downtime and optimising productivity.
  • Energy efficient: the Frech DAW125 has been designed using technologies that reduce energy consumption and operating costs without compromising performance.
  • Extended precision runs: it can maintain accuracy over long production runs, ensuring consistent quality of manufactured parts.

Production of Zamak parts for multiple industries and applications

Jegan and its die-casting production can meet the needs of various sectors, from automotive to electronics, household appliances, lighting, and access control. This diversification allows us to meet the diverse requirements of approval, certification, and the quantity of parts needed for each project. Whether supplying components for the automotive sector or designing fittings and hinges for specific applications, we guarantee solutions adapted to each type of project, demonstrating our commitment to our customers and innovation in the Zamak industry.

Jegan, zinc die-casting manufacturing

At Jegan, quality has always been a priority. The new Frech DAW125 machine enhances this objective and guarantees outstanding casting quality with precise, defect-free parts. Top-quality materials combined with state-of-the-art technology ensure that every product manufactured meets the quality standards that Jegan has always offered to all its customers in various sectors, such as automotive, electronics, and lighting. 

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