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JEGAN obtains the "ikanos company" label

JEGAN obtains the "ikanos company" label

By participating in the Digital Competences programme, you have demonstrated your readiness to adapt to the digital challenges of today's business world.
In an increasingly digitalised world, it is essential for companies to keep up to date and adapt to rapid technological developments.

In this sense, JEGAN has achieved an important milestone by obtaining the "ikanos empresa" seal for its outstanding digital competences and its commitment to digital transformation. This programme was developed by the SPRI Group in collaboration with the Basque Government's ikanos initiative.

Ikanos empresa

The ikanos company seal

The ikanos company seal is an acknowledgement awarded to those organisations that have demonstrated a high level of digital competences and have carried out significant actions to promote the carried out significant actions to promote digital transformation in their working environment.

The programme is based on an action model made up of various steps, actions and tools. tools. These steps include diagnosis, audit and analysis of the current situation of digital competences in the organisation. digital competences in the organisation.

Based on the results obtained, an action plan is drawn up and measures are implemented in order to improve and strengthen the digital competences of the company's professionals.

JEGAN has understood the importance of this diagnosis and has used this tool to guide its internal training, as well as to address the digital transformation in its organisation. By conducting a comprehensive assessment of digital competencies, this zamak manufacturer has identified areas for improvement and has been able to design training and development programmes that are tailored to the specific needs of its employees.

In addition to training, the company has also committed to recruiting digital talent and incorporating new technologies into its zamak manufacturing processes. They have adopted a holistic approach ranging from technical skills acquisition to the implementation of advanced technological solutions in their infrastructure.

Obtaining the label reflects your commitment to the continuous improvement of digital competences in your organisation. its organisation.

This recognition not only highlights the dedication of this zamak manufacturing company to the digital transformation, but also positions Jegan as a benchmark in the field of digital competences in its sector. in the field of digital skills in its sector. By investing in the development of digital skills and in the implementation of advanced technologies, JEGAN ensures that it is future-proof and stays at the forefront of digital and staying at the forefront of innovation in a constantly evolving business environment.

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