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Fittings and hinges made from zamak

Fittings and hinges made from zamak: large series and versatility in finishes

The production of fittings and hinges from zamak has established itself as an efficient and versatile option in the industry. This material, known for its strength and malleability, enables large series production with consistent quality and offers a wide range of aesthetic finishes. These two qualities make zamak die-casting the suitable method and material for numerous applications in the fittings sector.

Advantages of zamak for fittings and hinges

Zamak, an alloy of zinc with small amounts of aluminium, magnesium, and copper, offers multiple benefits that make it highly practical for the manufacture of all types of fittings:

Strength and Durability: Parts made from this material are resistant to wear and corrosion, making them suitable for applications that require high strength.

Precision and Detail: Zamak allows for creating parts with high accuracy and complex details thanks to its casting properties. This is essential in fittings where fit and finish are critical.

Versatility in Finishes: Zamak can be easily coated with various finishes, such as chrome plating, PVD, nickel plating, powder coating, and more. These enhance the parts' aesthetic and provide additional protection against wear and corrosion.

Efficiency for Small Parts and Complex Geometries: It is a material capable of producing components with a high level of detail.

Zamak Parts for Fittings

The production of zamak parts for fittings covers a wide range of products, from hinges and handles to locks and complex mechanisms. The die-casting process is fundamental in this industry, allowing for the creation of parts with precise tolerances and smooth surfaces that facilitate subsequent finishing treatments.

Zamak hinges, for instance, offer a perfect combination of strength and aesthetics. These parts must withstand constant use and often significant loads, so the strength of the zamak is crucial. Moreover, door and window handles, which require an attractive appearance and a pleasant feel, benefit from the versatility of zamak in finishes, allowing for attractive designs and durable surfaces.

zamak parts for fittings hinges

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Why Zamak for the Fittings Sector?

The fittings sector demands materials that offer both functionality and aesthetic appearance. Zamak meets these requirements exceptionally well due to its intrinsic properties and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Reliability: The durability of zamak ensures that the fittings manufactured will maintain their functionality and appearance over time, which is essential in applications with daily use and constant exposure.

Adaptability: The ability of zamak to be moulded into complex shapes and coated with various materials makes it ideal for meeting the custom design needs of fittings manufacturers.

Efficiency in Production: The ability to produce large series of parts with consistent and controlled quality is one of the main reasons why zamak is so valued in this sector. This not only improves production efficiency but also reduces operational costs.

Jegan, Die-Casting for the Manufacture of Fittings and Hinges

With decades of experience in the zamak die-casting industry, Jegan has stood out for its commitment to innovation and quality. Our engineering experts work closely with manufacturers from diverse sectors, such as automotive, lighting, or fittings, to develop customised solutions that meet the most demanding industry standards. In addition to offering a complete range of manufacturing services, from initial design to final production, Jegan provides durable solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.