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Jegan renews PSCR certification

Jegan successfully renews PSCR certification

Product safety and compliance are critical features in the automotive industry, and all organisations in the automotive supply chain constantly need to adapt and comply with country—and region-specific regulations. In the development centres of all the engineering companies in the sector, this requirement is demonstrated by the Product Safety and Compliance Responsibility (PSCR) certificate, which Jegan renewed this year

What does the renewal of the PSCR certificate mean for Jegan?

For companies specialising in manufacturing zamak parts, such as Jegan, the renewal of the PSCR certificate represents a step forward in their commitment to quality and excellence in production. Zamak, the alloy of zinc with aluminium, magnesium and copper, is widely used in manufacturing components for the automotive industry due to its strength and durability.

PSCR certification guarantees that parts made of zamak meet the highest safety standards and ensure compliance with the specific regulations of the German automotive industry. This is essential to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding and globalised market, where quality and reliability are decisive factors.

In other words, renewing the PSCR certificate brings several benefits for Jegan, such as demonstrating its commitment to quality. For customers, it also means greater peace of mind and confidence in the quality and safety of the parts supplied. By working with a certified supplier, automotive manufacturers can mitigate risks and meet their regulatory obligations, ensuring the integrity and reliability of their end products.

Jegan, manufacturer of Zamak parts, is committed to continuous improvement and innovation

The renewal of the PSCR certificate does not mark the end of a process but rather the beginning of a continuous commitment to improvement and innovation. Adapting to regulatory and technological changes in the automotive industry is essential to remaining competitive and meeting the market's changing needs.

For Jegan, the renewal of the PSCR certificate represents a significant milestone, proof of compliance with the highest standards and a focus on continuous improvement. 

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