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ADAS systems for buses or emergency vehicles

Zamak parts for ADAS systems in buses, emergency vehicles and marine vehicles

When discussing innovation in automotive and transportation, we often refer to new systems capable of transforming the driving experience and increasing safety. One such innovation is the implementation of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, known as ADAS.

ADAS systems developed to increase road safety, employ various technologies such as radar, cameras and lasers to detect obstacles and road signs, thus providing valuable support to the driver. Previous articles explored the possibility of manufacturing zamak parts for ADAS in automobiles. This time, we will tell you about all the options and advantages of zamak and die casting in manufacturing parts for ADAS systems for all types of vehicles: buses, trains, ambulances, etc. All of them can benefit from Zamak's versatility.

Die-casting for the manufacture of parts for ADAS systems

One of the main strengths of Zamak is its versatility in applications. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural and marine vehicles, zamak has become an essential material in the manufacture of components for ADAS systems in a wide variety of transportation such as:

  • Trucks and commercial vehicles: ADAS systems are also being implemented in trucks and commercial vehicles to improve road safety and assist drivers on long journeys.
  • Buses: City and intercity buses can be equipped with ADAS systems to improve passenger safety and avoid accidents in dense traffic.
  • Emergency vehicles: Police, ambulance and fire vehicles can benefit from ADAS systems to assist drivers in emergencies and improve traffic safety.
  • Agricultural and construction vehicles: ADAS systems can improve the accuracy of operations in farm tractors, combines, excavators, and other specialized vehicles.
  • Rail vehicles: Some ADAS systems can also be found on trains and streetcars to improve the safety and efficiency of rail operations.
  • Marine vehicles: Although less common, some ships and boats may be equipped with ADAS systems to aid navigation and avoid collisions on the water.

In all of these, Zamak enables the manufacture of a range of components, such as sensor brackets, protective housings, or other essential components, providing the strength, durability, and precision required in each environment.

Advantages of Zamak in ADAS manufacture

Zamak, an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, due to its characteristics, offers a series of advantages to be taken into account for the manufacture of parts for ADAS systems:

Complex shapes and thin thicknesses: This material is highly malleable and can be moulded into complex shapes, making it ideal for manufacturing ADAS system components that require specific shapes.

Low shrinkage and melting point: Compared to other materials, it has a relatively low melting point and very low shrinkage, making it relatively easy to avoid second machining operations.

Good corrosion resistance: this quality guarantees the durability and reliability of the components in adverse environmental conditions, such as exposure to humidity and chemical agents on the road.

Good mechanical properties: suitable mechanical properties, coupled with high tensile and compressive strength, ensure the structural integrity of the components even under varying loads and stresses.

Electromagnetic compatibility: Excellent properties to isolate all electronic elements.

Jegan, manufacturer of Zamak parts for ADAS systems

Promoting road safety is a timeless need that cuts across all automotive and transportation innovations. ADAS systems are leading the way to a future of safer and more efficient driving, and at the heart of these innovative systems are components made from zamak. This material offers durability, precision and versatility in every conceivable transportation application.

Jegan's extensive experience in die casting and zamak production ensures that its products meet the highest safety and quality standards. By choosing Jegan as a supplier of components for ADAS systems, companies in the automotive industry can rely on the reliability and excellent performance of their parts, helping to improve safety on our roads.