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Smart Zamak Locks by Jegan

Smart locks produced in zamak

Home security is a growing concern for homeowners, builders and lock manufacturers. Thanks to technological advances, the ability to protect the home has increased with solutions such as smart locks. This article will explore the advantages of smart locks and the specific benefits of manufacturing them in zamak. This material is highly suitable for locksmithing thanks to properties such as its corrosion resistance and versatility.

Advantages of installing smart locks

Smart locks are a great alternative to traditional locks due to benefits such as increased security, remote access via mobile devices and the ability to grant temporary access to guests.

In addition, smart locks also differ from electronic locks. A smart lock is an electronic lock that, in addition to authentication methods such as PIN codes, proximity cards or biometrics, is connected to the internet and can be remotely controlled and monitored via a mobile app or other smart devices.

Among the advantages of opting for a smart lock for an exterior door are the following: 

  • Increased level of security: they can grant temporary guest access, allowing homeowners complete control over who can enter their home at all times and remote access via mobile.
  • Eliminating the need for physical keys: the exterior smart lock reduces the risk of lost, stolen or unauthorised duplication of keys. It provides additional peace of mind for homeowners, especially during extended periods of absence.
  • Integration with other smart home systems: They can integrate with security systems, surveillance cameras, and home automation systems, allowing homeowners to create a complete and customisable security ecosystem to meet their needs.

Why manufacture smart locks in zamak?

Due to its advantages and mechanical properties, Zamak, a zinc alloy with aluminium, magnesium, and copper, has become a material with applications in many different sectors, including the manufacture of smart locks. 

Firstly, Zamak is highly corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring the locks' reliability and longevity—a crucial value for such a critical component of home security.

In addition, zamak is a versatile material that allows the creation of complex and aesthetically appealing designs. This is important not only for the lock's functionality but also for the home's overall aesthetics. Smart locks made of zamak can be perfectly integrated into any architectural or decorative style.

Another advantage of Zamak is its excellent surface finish. This means that locks can be coated with various finishes, such as chrome, nickel, and different paints and textures, to suit the customer's design preferences.

Jegan, zinc die-casting applications and customized solutions

Jegan's technology enables the creation and manufacture of various components for various industrial sectors. These parts can have complex shapes and varied surface finishes or require additional operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your project and to assess the feasibility of using zamak-injected components.