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Jegan, Zamak Parts Manufacturer for ADAS Systems for the automotive sector

Jegan, Zamak Parts Manufacturer for ADAS Systems for the automotive sector

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are technologies designed to assist drivers in preventing accidents. These systems use sensors such as radars, cameras, or lasers to detect obstacles and traffic signals.

Jegan is a manufacturer of Zamak parts for ADAS systems. The company has extensive experience developing and manufacturing these parts, which meet the highest quality standards.

HPDC High-Pressure Die Casting

Jegan uses die casting to manufacture zamak parts for ADAS systems. This process involves injecting molten metal into a mould under pressure. Die casting is a versatile process that allows for precisely manufacturing complex parts.

1. Zinc alloy for die-casting

Die casting is a fundamental process in producing zamak parts for ADAS systems. It involves injecting molten metal into a mould under pressure. This process is highly versatile and allows the creation of complex parts with exceptional precision. Choosing die casting as the primary method ensures that the details are durable and meet the most rigorous safety requirements.

2. Electroplating or Treatment

Jegan uses electroplating as part of its manufacturing process. This process involves coating zamak parts with a metal layer, significantly improving their corrosion resistance and durability. This advantage is essential to ensure that ADAS components can withstand extreme environmental conditions. This Basque company also offers different types of metallic coatings for zamak-injected parts in their treatment process, such as nickel planting, chrome planting or zinc planting.

Zinc die-cast materials for ADAS Systems parts.

Jegan manufactures a wide range of zamak parts for ADAS systems, including:

- Sensor supports:

Sensor support items play a fundamental role in providing a solid foundation for sensors used in ADAS systems. The stability and precision of these supports are essential to ensure that the sensors function effectively.

- Sensor housings:

Sensor housings manufactured by Jegan provide robust protection for sensors against the elements and other harsh conditions. Their design ensures that sensors remain intact and functional even in adverse conditions.

JEGAN: HPDC manufacturer

Jegan manufactures zamak parts for ADAS systems and excels in producing supports and housings. The company utilises die casting, electroplating, and injection moulding to create high-quality zamak parts that meet the highest safety standards in the automotive sector. If you would like to know more about this sector, click here.